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The Haunted – Real Footage featuring Demonologist Ed and Lorraine Warren

The Warrens, the Demonologist couple probably best known in recent times for being portrayed in The Conjuring movies where a couple who worked many paranormal cases over the years and featured in many TV shows and movies. The footage below

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Paranormal Movie Reviews – (The Changeling – 1980)

This movie follows a John Russell (George C. Scott) a New York composer after he loses both his wife and daughter in a tragic accident. After the accident John starts to try and get his life back on track and

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Class A EVP’s at the
Mount Washington Hotel

See full video below… There are different classifications of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Class A EVP’s are the highest ranked evidence of intelligent afterlife responses. When you ask a question and you hear back on the tape a direct reply.

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The Curious Case of Stella Lansing

Stella Lansing, A Massachusetts housewife is the last person you would expect to be a doorway to another dimension. However over 3 decades she would literally capture strange and unexplained anomalies on both video and stills – no matter what

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Capturing EVP
(Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

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