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The Ghost of Morrow Road

The Morrow road ghost spans back as far as the 1800’s – the tale of a mother searching for her lost child. Morrow road is a two and a half mile stretch of road in rural Michigan that was until

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Urban Legends, Freaky Coincidences or Cursed?

Do you believe that people or places can be cursed? The video below goes into some of the more interesting “coincidences” from James Deans ill fated crash in his sports car “lil bastard” to the unfortunate fate of the cast

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The Marfa Mystery Lights of Texas

Since the 1800s there have been reports of strange lights in the desert 10 miles outside the town of Marfa Texas. We first became aware of this phenomenon in the early 1990’s when the TV show “Sightings” did special segment

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Urban Legends Series “Ghosts”

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Urban Legends Wednesday – Spring Heeled Jack

Spring-heeled Jack was a Victorian era legend said to have the ability to leap huge distances, breathe fire and posessed talon like metal claws all of which he would use to menace his victims. Jack was first sighted in London

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Urban Legends Wednesday – The Glowing Mummies of Peru

In a short story published by “Strange Magazine” in 1992. Sailor Curtis A Rowlett recanted a conversation he had with a fellow sailor (Only referred to as J.P. in the periodical) “J.P” claimed that in 1989 while on a layover

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