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Eastern State Penitentiary Ghost Footage

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Paranormal Movie Reviews – (The Changeling – 1980)

This movie follows a John Russell (George C. Scott) a New York composer after he loses both his wife and daughter in a tragic accident. After the accident John starts to try and get his life back on track and rents a mansion in Seattle.

John almost immediately starts to hear banging noises that envelop the whole house at a certain time of day. He calls in a plumber who cant pinpoint any cause for the banging. One morning as john is heading outside a window shatters from the upper floor (from the inside) prompting john to go and investigate. He discovers a small room covered in cobwebs and inside a small wheelchair and bathtub.

Psychics are called in and a seance is held which is recorded and they discover the house is haunted by a young crippled boy named Joseph Carmichael.

I wont go too much more into the plot as it would spoil the movie. This film is a true haunted house classic that has an old school creepy vibe throughout. Watch it with the lights off after sunset and it will be sure to give you the chills.

TLDR: I rate this one 9 out of 10 skulls of the fear-ometer.

*Disclaimer – All films are the property of their respected owners.

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Paranormal Movie Reviews – (The Haunted 1991)

The Smurl family relocate along with their elderly parents/in-laws. They move to a quiet suburban neighborhood in middle America. From the outset things atart to get strange. As the family work on the house to fix it up some strange things happen, paint wont cover dampness on the wall and tool go missing as the father (Jack) tries to fix the sink.

The story initially centers around the family Mom (Janet) who is the first to become aware of the strange goings on and witnesses full apparitions, strange noises and even voices that seem to come from thin air!

Slowly the family as a whole become attuned to the horror that inhabits their home and from there it is a battle between good and evil as the demonic forces try to break up the family.

The film is very entertaining and has a very creepy vibe even although it was a made for TV movie. Several scenes made my hair stand on end such as when Janet does some laundry in the basement and hears “her mother in law” say “Janet” from the depths of the basement. See what you think of this classic – watch the full film below, uploaded by some kindly soul in its entirety on youtube.

TLDR: I rate this one 7 out of 10 skulls of the fear-ometer.

*Disclaimer – All films are the property of their respected owners.

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Urban Legends Wednesday – Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack

Spring-heeled Jack was a Victorian era legend said to have the ability to leap huge distances, breathe fire and posessed talon like metal claws all of which he would use to menace his victims.

Jack was first sighted in London in 1837 and the last seen in Liverpool in 1904.

In October of 1837, a girl called Mary Stevens was walking to Lavender Hill, where she worked as a servant. As she walked through Clapham Common, an entity jumped on her from an alley way. After paralyzing her, he began to assault her – she described his hands as “cold and clammy as those of a corpse”.
As she let out a scream the creature vanished and several members of the public hearing the scream rushed to her aid, they attempted to locate the entity but without luck.

The next day he stalked a new victim close to the Stevens residence. He lept in front of a horse drawn carriage causing the driver to crash and injure himself severely. He is said to have then made his escape by leaping over a 9ft fence in a single bound while witnesses say they heard a high pitched cackle. Soon the London press had given the ghastly mysterious creature the moniker “Spring Heeleed Jack”

Like the more famous “Jack the Ripper” – Spring Heeled Jack was never apprehended, there are however some theories as to who or what he was. Some point towards a supernatural being given the length of time it remained active and agile. Others point to a more down to earth theory that an eccentric Henry de La Poer Beresford, 3rd Marquess of Waterford was the culprit given his reputation as a troublemaker during the same era. However Waterford died in 1859 and Jack was still sighted as late as 1904. This could howver also be explained by gossip and false reports.

Check out the documentary below…

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The Faces of Belmez

faceofbelmezFaces appearing on a concrete floor, sounds like something out of a horror movie right?, this actually happened in the sleepy Spanish town of Belmez in 1971. Housewife María Gómez Cámara first spotted a face on the concrete floor of her home when she had a fever, she had put it down to her illness, that she had somehow hallucinated this apparition, however a few days later the face returned. Fearing the image her son and husband laid waste to the floor with pick axes and laid a new concrete floor. Terrifyingly new faces returned. This time the concrete was cut out and taken for scientific study. What do you think of this phenomenon? Was it hoax, was it real, was it caused by ghosts and spirits or was it somehow connected to Maria herself somehow projecting the images through some sort of psychic projection, you decide. As always leave your thoughts below in the comments.



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Urban Legends Wednesday – The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

At approx. 11pm on the 31st of August 1944 Mrs Bert Kearny woke to find that her bedroom had a sickening sweet smell, it was after that, the terror gripped her as she realized she was completely paralyzed from head to toe. The smell grew stronger and fear caused her to scream out. At that moment her husband was returning from his night shift job when he noticed a figure standing outside their bedroom window. He shouted and then gave chase, but the person was far too quick to catch and made a quick getaway. A short time after the fragrance that filled the room began to dissipate and Mrs Kearny regained the function of her body once again.

For the next 11 days this type of incident became commonplace around Mattoon. All witnesses who seen the entity described it as tall, think, dressed in black and with a tight fitting cap. The entity soon became known as “The Mad Gasser of Mattoon” All of the “attacks” where similar in nature, the assailant would spray the sickening fragrance through the victims bedroom window and they would all become paralyzed, some would feel sick, other would have burning sensations on their skin.

During its 11 day reign of terror it was mainly active in the evening, though like in Mrs Kearny’s case there was a few daytime reports. It was completely elusive to all attempts from police to capture it until after 11 days the local police put out a statement claiming that the reports of the gasser had been faked and that local hysteria was to blame.

The local people who claimed to have been attacked claimed that the police where merely covering up their own incompetence in being able to capture the gasser and had simply tried to sweep the whole thing under the carpet. What did the victims, or at least the first reporter Mr Kearney have to gain from inventing a story like this, and also who did her husband see at the window and give chase to?

What do you think? Is this simply an urban legend? or is there more to this story than mets the eye. Let us know in the comments below.

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The Pink Lady of Greencastle Indiana

See Full Video Below

The Pink Lady

The Pink Lady

Two friends Guy Winters and Terry Lambert hear about an abandoned house on the edge of town, and having an avid interest in the paranormal set out with their own video cameras one stormy night to see if they can capture anything. To their surprise what they see in their photos takes their breath away.
One of the men shoots several photos of an upstairs window, on inspection of the photos after they are developed they see what appears to be a woman, perhaps waving with an eerie self luminous pink glow (see image right).

Further investigations yield more photographic evidence. The back window of the mansion shows what appears to be another image of a woman in a flowing gown, because of her intense color she is dubbed “The Gold Ghost” – also several cloud/mist like shapes are seen floating my the men. To the untrained eye it appears it could indeed just be mist but on closer inspection the mans hair and clothes remain static indicating there was no wind present.

The investigators also think they know the identity of the ghost. Inside the house a name was written on the walls “Irene O’Hare” a woman who lived and died in the house in the early 20th century. Sadly and for me personally angering, the mansion has since been destroyed to make way for a corn field! To think of the investigations that could have been carried out here and further evidence to examine, sad to think it will never be.

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The Ghosts of Boothill Cemetery

Ghost of Boothill - Tombstone Arizona

Ghost of Boothill – Tombstone Arizona

“They Died with their boots on” – this term says it all. Most of the interments of Boothill cemetery in Tombstone Arizona met with violent ends and as a result did indeed, die with their boots on, hence the name.

Take a look at the photograph in the top right. It was taken by 2 friends who wanted to take a photo that had an old time feeling to it in the boothill cemetery, so the man posing as the subject figure donned 1800s period clothing and they also made the photo a black and white. Everything went to plan and they went to a small thrift store to develop the image. They claimed it was not in any way tampered with. You can clearly see in the field behind the man in period clothing what appears to be another man wearing also period clothing and holding what could be a knife?

Another very strange thing about the photo that wont be abundantly obvious to anyone looking at it. The vegetation in the cemetery appears to be overgrown, however at the time the photo was taken the people who took the photo said it was clear and in fact went back 2 weeks later to take another photo to check this and found it to be the case.

This leads to many possible conclusions… Could this be a tear in the fabric of time, because of the man in period clothing in the background with the slightly altered landscape? A replay of a past event captured through a lens or a sinister intelligent haunting? My personal view is that it could be some time disturbance being somehow caught on camera. What do you think? As always we invite your comments below.

“Ghost Lab” Segment on the Boothill Cemetery Ghost

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Urban Legends Wednesday – The Glowing Mummies of Peru

The Glowing Mummies of Peru

The Glowing Mummies of Peru

In a short story published by “Strange Magazine” in 1992. Sailor Curtis A Rowlett recanted a conversation he had with a fellow sailor (Only referred to as J.P. in the periodical) “J.P” claimed that in 1989 while on a layover in peru as he awaited repairs to his vessel he met a local peruvian pilot with a very peculiar story to tell.

According to the pilot, near the Nazca plain there was a cave that contained 5 small mummies. This might not sound too crazy, however it gets better – the mummies he claimed glowed in the dark and if anyone touched them they would develop terrible sores on their hands. “J.P” said he was going to visit the cave for himself to verify the story but his repairs where done ahead of schedule and he missed his chance to see the mummies first hand.

Is this just an urban legend? an old sailors yarn? or another genuine Nazca related mystery? Decide for yourself and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Class A EVP’s at the
Mount Washington Hotel

The Mount Washington Hotel

The Mount Washington Hotel

See full video below…

There are different classifications of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Class A EVP’s are the highest ranked evidence of intelligent afterlife responses. When you ask a question and you hear back on the tape a direct reply. I have seen several cases of this over the years – but never one like in the video below from the TV show Ghost Hunters.

This was filmed at the Mount Washington hotel in New Hampshire, if this tape was not digitally edited afterwards and this is genuinely for real it is without a doubt the most emphatic evidence i have ever heard.

The reply they received “Hello is somebody there” to me, it gives me a theory that the princess is actually hearing the ghost hunters during a time while she was still living, so to her they would be the ghosts! So it seems like time is somehow overlapping. Watch the video of it below and leave your replies.

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