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The Haunted – Real Footage featuring Demonologist Ed and Lorraine Warren

The Warrens, the Demonologist couple probably best known in recent times for being portrayed in The Conjuring movies where a couple who worked many paranormal cases over the years and featured in many TV shows and movies. The footage below is real life footage taped by Ed Warren of the Smurl Family in West Pittston, Pennsylvania. This case would actually become the basis for a rather chilling made for TV movie “The Haunted” (1991) Take a look at the below footage, especially the part where the little girl is siting int he kitchen trying to do her homework and the chair she is in is being lifted. Do you think this is legitimate or a faked by someone? Let us know in the poll under the video and of course if you have a comment feel free to give us your detailed opinion below.

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The Marfa Mystery Lights of Texas

Since the 1800s there have been reports of strange lights in the desert 10 miles outside the town of Marfa Texas. We first became aware of this phenomenon in the early 1990’s when the TV show “Sightings” did special segment on the lights. What is interesting is that the lights appear above the horizon line so this would rule out car headlights/flashlights and also the fact that the lights pre-date such things as drones seem to point towards a more paranormal origin.

What is your opinion, are the lights caused by Aliens, Ghosts or something else supernatural or is there a more scientific explanation for this such as a unique weather condition like ball lightning or something to this point undiscovered? We would love to get your opinion in the poll below or leave a comment.

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Supernatural Saturday, Five Scariest Ghost Videos Ever Recorded

Canyon Hill Cemetery Ghost “The Running Man”

We have always found this one fascinating and hope to make it out there one dy to see if we can capture our own footage of this specter. As always, view with an open mind and draw your own conclusions.

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Ghosts of the Famous – Michael Jackson

Watch the video below until the end, keep an open mind and use your own judgement – its certainly interesting to say the least!

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The Ghost Princess of Leeds Castle

The footage below should be viewed with an open mind.

Urban Legends Series “Ghosts”

Eastern State Penitentiary Ghost Footage

Paranormal Movie Reviews – (The Changeling – 1980)

This movie follows a John Russell (George C. Scott) a New York composer after he loses both his wife and daughter in a tragic accident. After the accident John starts to try and get his life back on track and rents a mansion in Seattle.

John almost immediately starts to hear banging noises that envelop the whole house at a certain time of day. He calls in a plumber who cant pinpoint any cause for the banging. One morning as john is heading outside a window shatters from the upper floor (from the inside) prompting john to go and investigate. He discovers a small room covered in cobwebs and inside a small wheelchair and bathtub.

Psychics are called in and a seance is held which is recorded and they discover the house is haunted by a young crippled boy named Joseph Carmichael.

I wont go too much more into the plot as it would spoil the movie. This film is a true haunted house classic that has an old school creepy vibe throughout. Watch it with the lights off after sunset and it will be sure to give you the chills.

TLDR: I rate this one 9 out of 10 skulls of the fear-ometer.

*Disclaimer – All films are the property of their respected owners.

Paranormal Movie Reviews – (The Haunted 1991)

The Smurl family relocate along with their elderly parents/in-laws. They move to a quiet suburban neighborhood in middle America. From the outset things atart to get strange. As the family work on the house to fix it up some strange things happen, paint wont cover dampness on the wall and tool go missing as the father (Jack) tries to fix the sink.

The story initially centers around the family Mom (Janet) who is the first to become aware of the strange goings on and witnesses full apparitions, strange noises and even voices that seem to come from thin air!

Slowly the family as a whole become attuned to the horror that inhabits their home and from there it is a battle between good and evil as the demonic forces try to break up the family.

The film is very entertaining and has a very creepy vibe even although it was a made for TV movie. Several scenes made my hair stand on end such as when Janet does some laundry in the basement and hears “her mother in law” say “Janet” from the depths of the basement. See what you think of this classic – watch the full film below, uploaded by some kindly soul in its entirety on youtube.

TLDR: I rate this one 7 out of 10 skulls of the fear-ometer.

*Disclaimer – All films are the property of their respected owners.