Haunted Hotel Room

This video shows what is possibly a poltergeist-like activity. The hotel staff was alerted to what sounded like screaming coming from an apparently empty room. A hotel employee named John goes to check out the situation. He hears screaming coming from the room and bravely enters to find out what’s going on. That’s when we get a glimpse of a translucent figure exiting the room. After John exits were updated that the room has been trashed. All furniture was tipped upside down, carpets are torn up and the shower left running. What do you think of this footage?

Is this footage genuine? is it faked? Is it a poltergeist or some other type of paranormal entity? Have your say in the comments and cast your vote below. Has anyone got any further information on where this hotel is located and what room number this happened in? has this been a recurring event or a one-off?

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