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“A property in a medieval mystery or miracle play representing the entrance of hell as the gaping jaws sometimes with moving joints of a monster resembling a whale.” Not exactly the warm welcome you’d expect to receive from a hotel, but given the dark past of the Cecil hotel, it would be more than fitting.

Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker

Richard Ramirez The Night Stalker

The hotel opened its doors in 1927 and since then it has been host to murders, suicides, prostitution, serial killers, and unsolved mysteries. In the 1980s it is thought that prolific serial killer Richard Ramirez AKA “The Night Stalker” stayed at the Cecil. Ramirez was a known Satan Worshiper. Could he have been drawn to the place? A place of pure evil? Later on in the early 90’s another serial killer checked in. Jack Unterweger murdered 3 prostitutes in the Cecil as part of a world tour of murder having killed up to 15 people across Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia & The United States.

More recently the hotel has become the focus of attention yet again for the wrong reasons. In 2013 a young Canadian student called Elisa Lam checked in but would never check out. She was calling her family back home every day until she disappeared. The local police started to comb through the hotel security camera footage and were floored by what they saw. The footage below shows Elisa acting strange. Seemingly hiding from someone, then peeking out of the elevator, at one point conversing with someone that doesn’t seem to be there and then finally exiting the elevator – perhaps to go to the roof where she was later found dead in a water tank.

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