Do you believe in the The Vardøger



Some people may have experienced the Vardøger – but likely will need an explanation of just what this term means. You have heard of people experiencing something and having that strange sense that it’s happened before which most people call déjà vu.

The Vardøger however is like the exact opposite of this. It’s hearing or seeing something before it happens. Strangely this phenomenon seems to be only reported in Scandinavian countries and Scotland, or at least mostly in these regions. The word Vardøger means in Norwegian “premonitory sound or sight of a person before he arrives”

A person could be sitting alone at home, they hear there spouse arrive, the sound of the car engine idling then turning off, keys going in the door, you may hear them go upstairs – you shout and get no response. Then 5 minutes later you hear the exact same noise and go to investigate to find your spouse has come home for real but when you question them, they insist that they just got there, that is a prime example of the Vardøger

What could cause a Vardøger to occur? why do they occur? and do they serve as a messenger that has meaning? The subject is open for debate below or alternatively you can participate on our new forum.

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