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The Kelpie is a mythical creature that originates from Scottish folklore. First sighted in the 1600’s and still sighted in the present day.

It is often described as a water horse, appearing as a sleek and beautiful horse, sometimes with a dripping mane. The Kelpie is known for luring unsuspecting individuals, especially children, to ride on its back. Once mounted, the victim becomes stuck and is then dragged into the water, where the Kelpie devours them.

The paranormal origins of the Kelpie are deeply rooted in Celtic mythology and Scottish legends. The creature is associated with bodies of water such as lochs and rivers, and it is said to have shape-shifting abilities. In some tales, the Kelpie can transform into a human form to deceive its victims.

The Kelpie is considered an evil spirit, and stories about it serve as cautionary tales to warn people, especially children, about the dangers of approaching unfamiliar bodies of water. The lore surrounding the Kelpie has been passed down through generations, contributing to its enduring presence in Scottish mythology.