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The ‘Scole Experiment’ was a 5-year-long paranormal research project conducted in the small town of Scole in England. The Scole group consisted of 4 key people comprised of 2 different couples each being psychic mediums and observers. Alan & Diana Bennet where the mediums and Robin & Sandra Foy were the observers. The point of the project was to get a large amount of tangible proof of the afterlife.

Photographs taken in a dark room, otherwise known as “The Scole Hole” a basement in the home of the Foy’s produced stunning and baffling results. There was a series of “bubbles” with what looked like human faces inside.

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Project Alice video project. In complete darkness, it captures strange images such as pyramids, planet-like objects, and ghostly faces. In a fully lit room, they captured a very strange-looking alien-like face.