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Your Home Ghost Footage

In this new section we will share video captured by our website users. Decide for yourself whether your seeing real footage, faked footage or footage that could have a rational explanation. And discuss your views in the comments section below.

This video footage was sent to us by Cassie from Louisiana, The anomaly happens at the very start of the footage in the lower right. I tried to debunk it asking if there was a dryer vent outside but was told it wasn’t operating at that time. Also to me it doesn’t look like smoke and it doesn’t have the appearance of an insect in flight. Another strange thing is a shelf in her house, every morning the items on the shelf would be on the floor, she did now own any animals such as a cat that would be likely culprits!

This photo was sent to us by Alicia from Georgia, a strange spectral image caught on her CCTV. Looks like a disembodied leg!