The Curious Case of Stella Lansing

"The Occupants"

“The Occupants”

Stella Lansing, A Massachusetts housewife is the last person you would expect to be a doorway to another dimension. However over 3 decades she would literally capture strange and unexplained anomalies on both video and stills – no matter what the make or model of camera.

One of the recurring images that Stella captured was referred to as the clock formation. She would capture these images both in broad daylight and at night. There are 2 very strange things to note about these images, 1 when the clock images are magnified the clock hour hour/lines seems to look similar to classic UFO depictions, but whats even more strange is that many of the images extend beyond the edge of the frame and into the next, apparently shattering the barrier of space & time.

The most famous film Stella captured, shot on Super 8 film was analyzed by experts – they found a strange image of what looks like 4 men which they dubbed “The Occupants” (pictured above/right). Since then “The Occupants” film has been examined by many experts and nobody can find an explanation as to how the image got onto the film, Also when the silent super 8 was run through a modern player there was unexplainably sound, sound that sounds like voices!

Through research it appears that Stella sadly passed away a few years ago, so there is no further knowledge to be gained from her current photography experiments, but I am hoping that someone is still studying the original films and can perhaps find out what was happening. Below you can watch a video from the 1990s where STella is interviewed and many of the photos and films are shown, enjoy. And as always, drop us a line either below or on our forum.

Watch the report on Stella Lansing below.

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13 comments on “The Curious Case of Stella Lansing
  1. teddy says:

    the image of the occupants you use looks a bit different than some of the other images i have seen online; specifically it looks like someone put bars over the eyes of the two faces on the left, and i think i might know why they’ve been altered. in unedited pics the two look quite a bit like lenin and trotsky.

  2. Ilham says:

    The voices sound to me like, “Go, you must ask for extraterrestrial’s help.” But in a strange talking pace.

  3. sarah m mora says:

    i have the same thing happen to my paintings and pictures that i take

    • Edward I Payne says:

      I ha e captured some amazing pictures and always new when to take them. For instance I was smoking one day and my mind said blow out slowly and take pictures. I know sounds nuts but the pictures speak for themselves. Anyone curious ill email pictures my email is

    • Richard says:

      Hi Sarah, Are these available to view on the internet?

  4. Rachel krissinger says:

    I like finding others who this happens to. I’ve always had strange things show up in photos.

  5. Lisa says:

    Funny how no expert went down the route to investigate which lab was used to process the film/films?

    • Brittany Stewart says:

      Why would that matter when a camera that has no capability of producing sound suddenly has sound when the video is watched. IDC what lab was used because that’s impossible. But it did really happen.

  6. Hyzenborg says:

    What happened to this supposed film made by Dr. Schwarz?

  7. Leisah Marie says:

    My photographs show other realities every time. Energy coming out of street lights. The sun and moon. Sometimes I get patterns resembling cuneiform. I have seen more than one face in my face. One time there were two blue haired girls in place of my image. The sun appears to reach into the car as it shows huge orbs. This has been troublesome and worrisome. I wish I had some kind of support. Truly

  8. Sam says:

    So on you tube there is a posting from July 2011. Shows a picture of what they call a monk … that showed up over a tv shot of Queen Victoria …. looks like bun laden plus there are “two towers” by his head

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