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Ghost of Boothill - Tombstone Arizona

Ghost of Boothill – Tombstone Arizona

“They Died with their boots on” – this term says it all. Most of the interments of Boothill cemetery in Tombstone Arizona met with violent ends and as a result did indeed, die with their boots on, hence the name.

Take a look at the photograph in the top right. It was taken by 2 friends who wanted to take a photo that had an old time feeling to it in the boothill cemetery, so the man posing as the subject figure donned 1800s period clothing and they also made the photo a black and white. Everything went to plan and they went to a small thrift store to develop the image. They claimed it was not in any way tampered with. You can clearly see in the field behind the man in period clothing what appears to be another man wearing also period clothing and holding what could be a knife?

Another very strange thing about the photo that wont be abundantly obvious to anyone looking at it. The vegetation in the cemetery appears to be overgrown, however at the time the photo was taken the people who took the photo said it was clear and in fact went back 2 weeks later to take another photo to check this and found it to be the case.

This leads to many possible conclusions… Could this be a tear in the fabric of time, because of the man in period clothing in the background with the slightly altered landscape? A replay of a past event captured through a lens or a sinister intelligent haunting? My personal view is that it could be some time disturbance being somehow caught on camera. What do you think? As always we invite your comments below.

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