The Pink Lady of Greencastle Indiana

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The Pink Lady

The Pink Lady

Two friends Guy Winters and Terry Lambert hear about an abandoned house on the edge of town, and having an avid interest in the paranormal set out with their own video cameras one stormy night to see if they can capture anything. To their surprise what they see in their photos takes their breath away.
One of the men shoots several photos of an upstairs window, on inspection of the photos after they are developed they see what appears to be a woman, perhaps waving with an eerie self luminous pink glow (see image right).

Further investigations yield more photographic evidence. The back window of the mansion shows what appears to be another image of a woman in a flowing gown, because of her intense color she is dubbed “The Gold Ghost” – also several cloud/mist like shapes are seen floating my the men. To the untrained eye it appears it could indeed just be mist but on closer inspection the mans hair and clothes remain static indicating there was no wind present.

The investigators also think they know the identity of the ghost. Inside the house a name was written on the walls “Irene O’Hare” a woman who lived and died in the house in the early 20th century. Sadly and for me personally angering, the mansion has since been destroyed to make way for a corn field! To think of the investigations that could have been carried out here and further evidence to examine, sad to think it will never be.

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