Paranormal Movie Reviews – (The Changeling – 1980)

This movie follows a John Russell (George C. Scott) a New York composer after he loses both his wife and daughter in a tragic accident. After the accident John starts to try and get his life back on track and rents a mansion in Seattle.

John almost immediately starts to hear banging noises that envelop the whole house at a certain time of day. He calls in a plumber who cant pinpoint any cause for the banging. One morning as john is heading outside a window shatters from the upper floor (from the inside) prompting john to go and investigate. He discovers a small room covered in cobwebs and inside a small wheelchair and bathtub.

Psychics are called in and a seance is held which is recorded and they discover the house is haunted by a young crippled boy named Joseph Carmichael.

I wont go too much more into the plot as it would spoil the movie. This film is a true haunted house classic that has an old school creepy vibe throughout. Watch it with the lights off after sunset and it will be sure to give you the chills.

TLDR: I rate this one 9 out of 10 skulls of the fear-ometer.

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One comment on “Paranormal Movie Reviews – (The Changeling – 1980)
  1. Paywall says:

    Great movie. To me the moral was: don’t rent mansions in Seattle. Nothing good ever comes from it.

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