The Ghost of Morrow Road

The Morrow road ghost spans back as far as the 1800’s – the tale of a mother searching for her lost child. Morrow road is a two and a half mile stretch of road in rural Michigan that was until recently unpaved. Stories include people seeing a spectral figure of a woman wearing a nightgown with blood on her hands. Many have claimed she has screamed “where is my baby” and actually slammed cars as they drive past.

Others have heard haunting noises of a baby crying and screaming. According to local legend if you stop on the bridge portion of the road and honk your car’s horn 3 times you will hear the child cry. Some witnesses have claimed to see strange orb like lights in the woods and some have even claimed that the orbs have “chased” after their car.

Would you dare to go to this fabled place at night in your car or by foot!? If you’re feeling brave and you are in north eastern United States you may be able to plan a drive there using this embedded link:

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    Already have been and witnessed stuff

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