The Red Orbs of Edinburgh Castle

A number of years ago, my family took a trip to Scotland. We visited the capital city of Edinburgh, a city steeped in history where some buildings still have soot on them from the coal burning days of yore. Perched high overlooking the city on top of a 700 million year old extinct volcano is the imposing structure of Edinburgh Castle. Built in the 12th century, today it is a popular tourist spot seeing thousands of visitors a year the world over. Whilst there my father in law who was an avid photographer took the photos below. Now people might easily explain this away as simple lens flare etc. However look at the distance and you will see that it is a fairly cloudy almost perhaps foggy day without much of any sunshine. 2 different shots show the orb float from one position in the photo to the next. What do you think – could this be the ghosts of old time Scotland or just some trick of light? After viewing the photos feel free to vote below and give your opinion as to what you think is causing this anomaly.

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