Class A EVP’s at the
Mount Washington Hotel

The Mount Washington Hotel

The Mount Washington Hotel

See full video below…

There are different classifications of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Class A EVP’s are the highest ranked evidence of intelligent afterlife responses. When you ask a question and you hear back on the tape a direct reply. I have seen several cases of this over the years – but never one like in the video below from the TV show Ghost Hunters.

This was filmed at the Mount Washington hotel in New Hampshire, if this tape was not digitally edited afterwards and this is genuinely for real it is without a doubt the most emphatic evidence i have ever heard.

The reply they received “Hello is somebody there” to me, it gives me a theory that the princess is actually hearing the ghost hunters during a time while she was still living, so to her they would be the ghosts! So it seems like time is somehow overlapping. Watch the video of it below and leave your replies.

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