Urban Legends Wednesday – The Glowing Mummies of Peru

The Glowing Mummies of Peru

The Glowing Mummies of Peru

In a short story published by “Strange Magazine” in 1992. Sailor Curtis A Rowlett recanted a conversation he had with a fellow sailor (Only referred to as J.P. in the periodical) “J.P” claimed that in 1989 while on a layover in peru as he awaited repairs to his vessel he met a local peruvian pilot with a very peculiar story to tell.

According to the pilot, near the Nazca plain there was a cave that contained 5 small mummies. This might not sound too crazy, however it gets better – the mummies he claimed glowed in the dark and if anyone touched them they would develop terrible sores on their hands. “J.P” said he was going to visit the cave for himself to verify the story but his repairs where done ahead of schedule and he missed his chance to see the mummies first hand.

Is this just an urban legend? an old sailors yarn? or another genuine Nazca related mystery? Decide for yourself and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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