The Faces of Belmez

faceofbelmezFaces appearing on a concrete floor, sounds like something out of a horror movie right?, this actually happened in the sleepy Spanish town of Belmez in 1971. Housewife María Gómez Cámara first spotted a face on the concrete floor of her home when she had a fever, she had put it down to her illness, that she had somehow hallucinated this apparition, however a few days later the face returned. Fearing the image her son and husband laid waste to the floor with pick axes and laid a new concrete floor. Terrifyingly new faces returned. This time the concrete was cut out and taken for scientific study. What do you think of this phenomenon? Was it hoax, was it real, was it caused by ghosts and spirits or was it somehow connected to Maria herself somehow projecting the images through some sort of psychic projection, you decide. As always leave your thoughts below in the comments.



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