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The Smurl family relocate along with their elderly parents/in-laws. They move to a quiet suburban neighborhood in middle America. From the outset things atart to get strange. As the family work on the house to fix it up some strange things happen, paint wont cover dampness on the wall and tool go missing as the father (Jack) tries to fix the sink.

The story initially centers around the family Mom (Janet) who is the first to become aware of the strange goings on and witnesses full apparitions, strange noises and even voices that seem to come from thin air!

Slowly the family as a whole become attuned to the horror that inhabits their home and from there it is a battle between good and evil as the demonic forces try to break up the family.

The film is very entertaining and has a very creepy vibe even although it was a made for TV movie. Several scenes made my hair stand on end such as when Janet does some laundry in the basement and hears “her mother in law” say “Janet” from the depths of the basement. See what you think of this classic – watch the full film below, uploaded by some kindly soul in its entirety on youtube.

TLDR: I rate this one 7 out of 10 skulls of the fear-ometer.

*Disclaimer – All films are the property of their respected owners.