Spiricom, Spirit Box and the Ghosts of the Famous – Robin Williams.

I recently came across a most incredible youtube clip of a man who claims to have made contact with the late great Robin Williams. I have for years had an interest in the device called the “spirit box” and have also read and watched videos of something called a “Spiricom” which was created by a man called George Meek.

Meek met a psychic in the mid 1970’s by the name of Bill O’Neil. Bill O’Neil was able to get help from a deceased friend who was a NASA engineer in life by the name of Doc Mueller. What happened next is an extraordinary collaboration of a deceased person helping a person still alive on earth to create a machine that would allow communication between the earth real and the spirit world.

Watch the below video for a more in depth narrative of the Spiricom and how it came to be.

Back to the spirit box – these devices have been used for the past several years, what they do is scan radio frequencies and rapidly change frequency in order to allow spirits to select words and form them into sentences. Recently I viewed this video below that seems to give direct responses from Robin Williams. The real action starts around the 8:30 mark. Some of the more chilling questions and answers include..

Q: Are you with the Angels?
A: That’s up in Heaven…

“I must have got it wrong”

and …

“Can Robin come…”

Do you believe this type of thing can be real? Let us know your opinion below in the poll.

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One comment on “Spiricom, Spirit Box and the Ghosts of the Famous – Robin Williams.
  1. Debby w says:

    He is telling us where he is
    He is in hell for eternity

    Sorry to say but true.
    He won’t see his dad he Will only see and hear demons there.

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