Capturing EVP
(Electronic Voice Phenomenon)

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Electronic Voice Phenomenon – commonly referred to in the field of Ghost hunting as simply EVP is the process of taking a sound recording device and capturing what some think is the voices of people who have departed this life. There are some who think that the recordings are stray radio signals being captured by accident, but a number of people tale this very seriously and dedicate hours of their own time to capturing and cataloging these peculiar phenomenon.
A few years ago I myself was able to capture several EVP’s using both a digital sound recorder as well as an older magnetic tape recorder. Some experts think that spirits can more easily manipulate magnetic tape and that results with a digital recorder will pale in comparison. However having had success with both of these devices I can say that digital is likely the easiest to transfer to your laptop for further analysis.

I used a program called sound forge one afternoon after conducting an EVP experiment in a small family cemetery in the woods of Parsonsfield Maine. I asked questions for approximately 20 minutes. While I can’t claim that it was exceptionally quiet, I am certain that the noises I captured where not that of any of the ambiance in my surroundings. I asked a whole range of questions like “are you a man, or a woman” “what age are you” “who is the president of the united states” “are we welcome here” etc. No replies where audible when asking the questions which is normally the case when doing these experiments. However as we walked back home we started to play the tape back. Without any digital enhancement we where shocked to hear after the question “are you a man or a woman” a single monotonous voice reply simply “man”. Needless to say the hair on the back of my neck stood on end when hearing this. Further analysis and enhancement in our digital sound suite cleaned up the voice further. We had unmistakably captured what is known as a class A EVP, meaning we had asked a question and got an intelligent response. This pretty much backs up the theory that their is indeed life after death.

On another occasion I inadvertently did a EVP experiment in my in-laws home. They were in the process of selling their home and had a problem with squirrels gnawing away at things under the eaves. I placed my recorder – this time old magnetic tape dictaphone underneath the eaves in an attempt to find the source of the scratching. When I played the tape back the next day we heard a series of bizarre noises, hard to actually say what they sounded like as there is no real comparison, but the spookiest part was hearing a single voice, what sounded like the voice of a young child say “Merry Christmas”. Again this sent the hairs on my neck standing on end. After this I researched the house and its history. What I found was that a young boy had died in the home in the 1800’s at age 8. I was even able to locate the grave of the child in a nearby cemetery.

For anyone looking to do their own experiments, I give fair warning that it may be easier than you think to capture voices from another dimension. So proceed to look for these things only if you are not of the feint of heart.

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(Electronic Voice Phenomenon)
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(Electronic Voice Phenomenon)"
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