Ten signs that your house is haunted.

Haunted House

Haunted House

Have you ever had a feeling of being watched? A feeling of dread? Seeing things out the corner of your eye? If so read on… Having battled ghosts for the last 20 years we have come to know the tell tale signs of a haunting.

1. Unexplained knocking and scratching noises.
This can signal the onset of poltergeist activity. Hearing knocks and scratching from spaces in the house where you know for certain nobody is such as your attic, basement or crawlspace. If you hear these knocks at 3am, or hear them in 3’s you could have a demonic entity.

2. Items moving on there own.
Have you ever put the milk away and came back into the room and find its back on the counter? We have taped incidents that show inanimate objects moving on their own, sometimes an item moves just a little, on other occasions we have seen items being thrown violently.

3. Seeing shadows or unexplained lights
Spirits can take many forms. For centuries people in all countries and continents have reported seeing shadow people. A shadow person stays just out of view but can be seen occasionally with the peripheral vision. Nobody quite knows what they are, could they be a ghost, a demon, something from a parallel universe to our own?

4. Electrical appliances turning on and off.
Lights turning on and off by themselves. The television suddenly comes on but the remote control is sitting 3ft away with nobody pressing it. These types of occurrences can certainly indicate an intelligent haunting.

5. Animals acting strangely.
Have you ever seen your dog barking at a wall? or your cat hissing at thin air. It is believed that animals can sense or perhaps even see entities on the other side. So the next time your dog or cat acts weird, just think, they could be seeing or sensing the unknown.

6. Cold spots & hot spots
It is thought that ghosts in order to manifest draw energy from their surroundings. This can cause the temperature in a room to fluctuate.

7.Batteries draining
As said above, ghosts and spirits need to draw energy from whatever they find in their environment. Have you ever been using a video camera and had the power go from full to empty in seconds. This could be a ghost draining the power for its own needs.

8. Strange smells
Have you ever smelt a fragrance or cologne that you do not own? Or have you ever smelled a foul sewer like stink?

9. Unexplained Writing
Have you ever had the shower fog up the glass and been surprised to see “hello” written on the glass? Ghosts communicating through written word has been reported al across the world. If you see this happen, why not write back and see if you get a reply?

10. Strange vibrations
Have you ever been in bed late at night and tried to get to sleep and you feel a slight vibration in your bed? This could signal an impending haunting in your home.

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