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Urban Legends Wednesday – The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

At approx. 11pm on the 31st of August 1944 Mrs Bert Kearny woke to find that her bedroom had a sickening sweet smell, it was after that, the terror gripped her as she realized she was completely paralyzed from head


When I was a child in the early 90’s I used to be engrossed in a television show called “Sightings”. The show took on a kind of a news report format but instead of stories about bank robbers and world

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The Ghosts of 9/11

Strange noises have been reported coming from the newly constructed 1 World Trade Center, do you think this is a genuine case of haunting or simply an atmospheric effect? Leave your comments below.

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Ten signs that your house is haunted.

Have you ever had a feeling of being watched? A feeling of dread? Seeing things out the corner of your eye? If so read on… Having battled ghosts for the last 20 years we have come to know the tell

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