wrightWhen I was a child in the early 90’s I used to be engrossed in a television show called “Sightings”. The show took on a kind of a news report format but instead of stories about bank robbers and world politics, they would do segments on things like bigfoot sightings, UFO’s and ghosts. I was always a fan more of the ghost segments and one story in particular made a mark on me for the rest of my life.

It was a case which involved 2 guys who shared a house in California. They claimed to have taken a polaroid photo and captured at first what looked almost like a comical style ghost image. Then one of them decided to ask a question and take another photo. To their astonishment when the polaroid ejected from the camera and started to slowly develop, there on the image was actual writing that seemed to answer their question.They started to ask all sorts of questions and sometimes got direct answers and sometimes cryptic replies that made little sense and also they received replies in latin, a language that neither man spoke.

They then called in the sightings team, who came along with world renown psychic Peter James and parapsychologist Kerry Gaynor who had worked as an investigator in the infamous Entity Case” There they conducted more experiments where they would ask questions and see if answers would come through. The men who occupied the house would ask question, and also the sightings team, Peter James and many others asked questions. During this time they got information via polaroids that the spirits name was “Wright” and he was a “friendly ghost” who had been murdered on the property and was trying to communicate where his remains could be found.

Peter James claimed that there was something he called a “Spiritual Vortex” and the sightings team took his photograph with the polaroid in the spot he said it was at, in the photo there was many visible spirits that seems to be swirling around james, coming from the floor by his feet and up to the ceiling.
Below are videos that show the investigations – I hope you find them as entertaining as I do. And as always, feel free to leave a comment or add something to our forum.

Part One of the investigation from the early 1990’s

Part Two – Follow-up on the investigation from the 2000’s

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